Here is a small section of one of our maps to illustrate the detail and quality A detailed section of our Henley Map


Victorian Town and Village Maps

Burnley 1848

Awarded commendation by The British Cartographic Society for "Best Printed Map published in Great Britain, 2007 Stanford Prize"

Heritage Cartography Map Cover

New style cover for all Heritage Cartography's folded maps to be printed from January 2015 by Dennis Maps of Frome, Printers to Ordnance Survey.

Heritage Cartography was established in 1980 by Peter John Adams who for many years gained a wealth of experience in mapping with the Ordnance Survey. His interest in history, and his fascination with the industrial revolution through his early time as a surveyor in the cotton towns of Lancashire, led him to research old maps of the nineteenth century. He has created his Victorian Map Series to give others, with a similar love of the period, the opportunity to discover how their towns and villages looked during that time of great social and economic change.

Heritage Cartography is publishing a unique new national series of Victorian maps that shows British towns and villages as they were in the mid nineteenth century, a most intriguing and frenetic time of their development in the heat of the industrial revolution. Each map is designed in the style and colours of the period as created by the early Victorian cartographers. The series brings together such diverse towns as Whitby and Wigan, Manchester and Morpeth depicting each in transition into the modern age. Barnsley and Wakefield can still be seen as mediaeval market towns, but the railway, mines and mills will soon change their character over the next century.

The detail contained in each map is most impressive. Based on the comprehensive first large scale surveys by the Ordnance Survey almost every tree and pathway is shown, streets and lanes named, pumps and wells in gardens seen and every public building and factory labelled creating a picture of the town over which the imagination can roam.

Peter Adams

The maps are printed on quality paper and are available coloured or uncoloured. The uncoloured maps are an indispensable research tools. The coloured maps, shown in the traditional tints of the Ordnance Survey large-scale maps of the period, are attractive items as gifts or for display.

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