Darlington 1858

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 1-903004-26-8
Size 500mm x 582mm
Uncoloured size 600mm x 699mm

The town has always been a transport centre of the area which the map admirably shows. It was founded at the junction of seven main highways, the most important being the London to Edinburgh Great North Road, running north to south through the town. The town's importance is evident by the size of the market place, and the bustle and colour of market day and the passing north/south traffic can only be imagined. The coming of the railway, first in 1825 as the terminus of the famous Stockton-Darlington railway, and its later connection to the main North Eastern Railway trunk line, firmly established the town at the forefront of the industrial revolution. Two large railway engineering shops can be seen already functioning as well as the Hope Town Foundry and South Durham Iron Works. An interesting feature on the map is the area of Freeholder Home to the east of the town founded by a mutual self-help co-operative, an early forerunner of the building society movement.

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