Beverley 1852

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-54-2
Size 560mm x 659mm
Uncoloured size 560mm x 659mm

The map shows the town at a most fascinating time in its history. It is still a compact small market town of essentially one street which reveals its mediaeval past layout of roadside cottages and back burgage strips. The industrial revolution has brought great changes however, with the recent railway punched through the meadows and gardens to the east within yards of the ancient Minster. The relatively large station is seen conveniently close to the town centre which will greatly aid future development of Beverley as a commuter town. In fact, it probably already has. New industry is evident to the north of the station with a massive iron works and adjacent agricultural machine manufactory. To the east of the town on the Hull Road is a new steam corn mill within sight of its old technology counterpart, the Beverley corn watermill.

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