Dundee 1857

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-57-3
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Dundee, with its satellite Lochee, in 1857 is for, the time, a relatively large town which shows how well Scottish trade and industry has developed and prospered in the industrial revolution. The large dock area has made it a major seaport for both export of the town’s products as well as imports from Europe and the Empire. The recently constructed railway has skirted the shoreline to the docks opening up the rest of the country to the port facilities. Large scale industry is seen throughout the whole of the town with linen, jute and flax mills prominent. There are also several large engineering works and foundries as well as one of the largest gas works in the nation. Wealth in the community has been converted into its houses with large villas in their own grounds along the shore and smaller scale detached housing around Barrack Park. Although the whole area gives off an air of civic endeavour and industry the population is undoubtedly riddled with the well documented Victorian social contradictions and problems. One of the largest buildings on the edge of town, and certainly with most prominent text label, is the Poor house.

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