Greenock 1856

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-66-5
Size 600mm x 550mm
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Greenock in 1856 is seen already as a major Victorian seaport and shipbuilding town rivalling its near neighbour of Glasgow. The Quayside is dominated by as fine and impressive a Custom House to be seen anywhere in the world in this time. The industrial revolution has been enthusiastically embraced by Scotland and Greenock has been founded on industry and trade as can be seen by the variety of foundries, mills, refineries and works scattered throughout the town. The port is well served by the recent completion of the railway system but, curiously, the lines do not terminate on the docksides as in other major ports. The new wealth generated in the area has been invested by the new middle class in the large detached villas seen clustered along the coast to the northwest of the town. Overall 1856 Greenock presents a image of civic endeavour and industry but the population is undoubtedly riddled with the well documented Victorian social contradictions. The building with the largest text label at the edge of town is the Poor House.

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