Halifax 1847

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 1-903004-37-3
Size 582mm x 500mm
Uncoloured size 698mm x 600mm

The town is shown in its early modern development as two main entities, the old commercial town set pleasantly on its hill, and the grimy, smoky industrial area wedged into the valley of the Hebble Brook below. Woollen and worsted mills, dye works, weaving sheds and gas works hug the banks of the brook as a ribbon of Victorian endeavour and graft, now mostly demolished. There is evidence of some industry higher up in the town with the small Pellon Terrace Mills surrounded by tenter fields where dyed cloth was stretched and dried. An important feature of the town, and its obvious commercial wealth, is evident with the extensive site of Piece Hall where the enormous fabric output of the town was traded. To bring the railway into such an essential industrial town required the hand digging of the kilometer long Beacon Hill Tunnel seen on the eastern margin of the map, yet another valiant industrial feat of the time.

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