Crewe 1873

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1905718-788
Size 500mm x 600mm
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Crewe in 1873 is seen as a totally new urban area, there is no evidence of an old mediaeval village or town around which the town grew, it was founded purely in the interests of the railway companies, mainly the London and North Western Railway. Situated at the junction of three lines three major works are seen as well as several smaller steam and repair shops. Crewe station on the main north to south line is somewhat large for such a relatively small population at the time, no doubt the company wished to make a bold statement at its key provincial site. Despite the large scale industrial scene the town has still a rustic setting amid the fields, meadows and country houses of old England and nobody lives more than a few hundred yards from this countryside.It must have been a wealthy town and the railway company caring of its workers because, unusual for the time, the town has no nearby workhouse.

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