Nantwich 1873

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1905718-801
Size 600m x 500mm
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Nantwich in 1873 is seen as a small market town, although there is no textual evidence of a market place on the map, sited at an ancient convergence of six old roads. The industrial revolution has made relatively minor impact on the town, unlike its near neighbour of Crewe, and its shape has remained largely intact. After the digging of the nearby canal, the most important event was, no doubt, the coming of the railway connecting the sleepy early Victorian community to a wider faster moving world. Modern industry is seen with a small iron foundry next to the old corn water mill, a tannery and a clothing manufactory, complete with its own gasometer. The town gives off an air of quiet, comfortable and settled living amid the fields, meadows and country houses of Old England but it is inevitably riddled with the well documented social problems and contradictions of the age…the building with the largest textual label, well set out of the centre to the north, is the Workhouse.

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