Wrexham 1872

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-89-4
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Wrexham is seen as a small market town amid the rolling Welsh fields, no town dweller lives further than a quarter of a mile from the countryside. Although nearly a century of the industrial revolution has passed it seems not to have been too disturbed it. The most important event was the coming of the railway running just to the west of the town, although the station is relatively small; Wrexham was just too remote to be a commuter town. The little there is, is restricted to fairly large corn mill, most certainly run on steam, as is the small saw mill near to the station. A small (currently inactive) foundry is seen just to the east of the Beef Market and a gas works near Hightown. The largest employers perhaps are the several breweries and houses in and around the centre. The town has only burst out of its mediaeval shape on one quarter, to the north west, where several streets of Victorian detached villas are seen. Overall Wrexham gives off a quiet, orderly and united appearance but undoubtedly it is riddled with the well documented social contradictions of the age. One of the largest buildings, labelled with the most prominent lettering on the map, is the Union Workhouse.

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