Shrewsbury 1884

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-91-7
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Shrewsbury is seen as a small market town securely nestling in the protective near full circle of the meandering River Severn. The industrial revolution has delivered great changes over the eighty years of the century mainly via the railway which cuts a prominent north-south swathe through the area. It has brought an infrastructure to the town in the shape of a massive station, a large carriage and wagon works and several engine and carriage sheds. Shrewsbury has become clearly an important railway town. Most of the recent development is seen as linear along the roads radiating from the old town, particularly to the south and east. This effect allows the town to be set still amid the ancient rural Shropshire landscape, nobody lives more than a few hundred yards from fields and meadows. Shrewsbury is a thriving, prosperous Victorian settled community, to its credit there is no evidence of a large workhouse as in other towns of its size. Inevitably, however, the town is undoubtedly riddled with the well documented social and economic contradictions of the age.

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