Dumbarton 1860

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-92-4
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Dumbarton in 1860 is seen as a small old village on the east bank of the mouth of the River Leven with a more modern development appearing over the bridge on the west bank. The ancient roots of the town are clearly seen with the curved rows of cottages backed by their domestic burgage strips. The industrial revolution has brought dramatic changes with the recent construction of the railway. Two large engine works are seen alongside its tracks as well as a massive forge and adjacent foundry. Further along the tracks to the east edge of the village is a rope and sailcloth factory. Dumbarton's old industry of shipbuilding has also seen vast developments with four large yards along the river bank. A gas works and, arguably more essential for the town's forge and foundrymen, a brewery are seen within the confines of the old village. Remarkable for the period no poorhouse nor schools are marked on the map but there is a prison. The absence of the former is a credit to the town but the reason no schools are shown is strange because the Ordnance Survey normally showed all schools on these early maps. Education, a Scottish priority, was no doubt being carried out, most likely within the churches. Dumbarton in 1860 is seen as a tight, settled and industrious community but inevitably it is riddled with the well documented social and economic contradictions of the Victorian age.

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