Buckingham 1879

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-905718-99-3
Size 650mm x 550mm
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Buckingham 1879 is seen as small market town, little more than a village unchanged over many decades. A major event has been the relatively recent arrival of the railway, but even this has not changed the nature of the town. Neither did the earlier Grand Junction Canal which terminated here at large wharf. The industrial revolution has also made little impact with no evidence of industry at all apart from the gas works and a bone mill There is in fact still four working water driven flour mills on the Ouse at Bourton, Radclive and two in the town centre. Buckingham gives off an air of quiet and peaceful prosperity but a building with the largest label to the north of the town belies this, and the population is no doubt riddled with all the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions, that building is the Workhouse.

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