Towcester 1892

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-90814-02-6
Size 600mm x 550mm
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Towcester in 1892 is seen as single village street little changed in shape from its mediaeval founding. Even the coming of the railway has had minimal influence on the embryonic town, indeed it had a detrimental effect by ending the lucrative London to Holyhead coaching trade. The largest employer in the community seems to be the large Phipps brewery where beer was first brewed in 1801. The brewery, alas, is to be burnt down in 1901. Recent development to the west of the town is, for the size of the town, a relatively large workhouse. The famous racecourse is yet to be sited in Easton Neston Park but a small course is seen near to the railway station.

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