Jedburgh 1859

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-04-0
Size 700mm x 600mm
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Jedburgh 1859 is seen as a small village little changed from its mediaeval foundations based on a single street leading from its twelfth century castle. The building of the , now ruined, Norman abbey enhanced its standing as an important Borders town much contested between England and Scotland. The industrial revolution has, as yet, not made much impact on the community with only one small woollen mill on the southern edge of town. The railway has only recently arrived with its terminus station curiously built one mile to the north of the centre. Although Jedburgh presents a peaceful and settled picture on the map it is, no doubt riddled with the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions, the building with the most prominent text label sited to the west of the town is... the workhouse

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