Norwich 1880

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-21-7
Size 700 mm x 650 mm
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Norwich in 1880 is seen as substantial Victorian urban centre. Its mediaeval shape can clearly be traced from the inner road system as a spoked wheel centred on the castle when pre-industrial revolution Norwich was the largest city in England outside London. The industrial revolution has revived the stalled economy of the city, after the collapse of the all important textile trade during the Napoleonic wars, primarily with the construction of the railways. The city is now well connected to the rest of England rather than lingering as a trade backwater when it was said that it quicker to travel to Amsterdam by boat than to London by road. New industries are sited to the south east of the centre with two large works, one manufacturing engines. It is interesting to note that despite having three stations no single railway line runs through the city emphasising Norwich's geographic situation as a terminus city, but with one eye across the North Sea to Europe. Norwich shows itself to be a vibrant, confident and wealthy community but is no doubt riddled with the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions. The building lying west of the centre, with the largest text label is.....the Workhouse.

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