Dunoon 1864

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-24-8
Size 600mm x 700mm
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Dunoon in 1864 is a shown as a remarkably well developed town reflecting the wealth of Clydeside generated by the industrial revolution. The town has been founded on urge of the new middle class to build holiday and retirement villas and the working class taking cheap daily excursions "down the water". This was aided by the development of the railway on the mainland and steam boats on this water. There is ample evidence on the mapping of the day that Scotland has benefitted enormously from early industrialisation, more so on many ways than its larger neighbour south of the border. Scotland was a wealthy country. There is, to the credit of the community, no evidence of a building found In particularly every town and city at that time, the Poor House.

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