Ipswich 1880

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-26-2
Size 650mm x 700mm
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Ipswich in 1880 is seen as a substantial port and commercial town. The industrial revolution has brought great changes over the last sixty years with the development of the dock and railway system. It is around this dock area that the major industrial activity takes place with works warehousing, and ship yards. A large brewery is seen on the east bank of the river at the end of Cliff Lane. Residential housing is concentrating on both the east and west sides of the town as the north side is being used for the cemetery, parks and extensive and, no doubt very busy, brick and tile works. The openness of the south east is still being preserved by the race course, incongruously partly used by a military rifle range, and the Hollywells estate. The south west side is being developed by villas of the gentry and Stoke Park estate. Interestingly the town is well served by a tram system linking the centre to the two railway stations. Ipswich in 1880 shows itself to be a vibrant, confident and wealthy community but is no doubt riddled with the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions. The building lying south of the centre, with the largest text label is.....the Workhouse.

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