Great Yarmouth 1883

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-29-3
Size 500mm x 680mm
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Great Yarmouth in1883 is seen as substantial Victorian seaside resort. A mile of the Marine Parade is lined with hotels and has sprouted three long piers. The town is served by three railway stations and the famous tram system is clearly seen running south parallel to, and on both sides of, the river terminating in Gorleston. The trams ran for over sixty years from 1871 to 1933; what an attraction they would be today. The industrial revolution has made little impact on the town, apart from the railways, but a small iron works, the Yareside Works, is seen on Southtown Road. A major function of the town is still as a port, particularly for timber. Two boat building yards are sited on the western river bank. Great Yarmouth is obviously a prosperous, industrious and confident town but is no doubt riddled with all the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions the prominent building with the largest text label looming over the community from its northern edge is.... the Workhouse.

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