Maidstone 1865

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-32-3
Size 750mm x 660 mm
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Maidstone in 1865 is seen as a well developed and compact mid Victorian town. Despite the coming of the railway twenty years earlier it is still functioning as a port with evidence of working wharfs on the Medway. The strategically important railway connecting the town to London and the south coast is seen under early construction to the north east of the centre and will cut a great swathe through the town just south of the County Gaol and site a station on Week Street. The industrial revolution has brought several new industries to Maidstone. Four large paper mills are operating around the edge of the town as well as a small brass foundry and a steam corn and saw mill along the riverside. Two military barracks, a legacy of the Napoleonic Wars, occupy central sites in the centre of the community in an area dominated by the vast County Gaol. Although Maidstone is seen as a substantial urban area it is a town where nobody lives more than a few hundred yards away from the countryside.

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