Colchester 1875

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-316
Size 750mm x 660mm
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Colchester in 1875 is seen basically as a small Victorian market town, its roman and consequent mediaeval shape can still be easily be made out. Remarkably the industrial revolution has made little impact on the town, even the railway has wide skirted the centre and the community has had to make do with a long branch line and a small terminus station. The only evidence of industry is a small iron works near the station and large brewery in East Hill. Curiously the gas works has been located a mile away to the east in Hythe. The economy of the town is obviously connected to its military function, as it was in Roman times, with two extensive garrisons seen to the south of the centre and a smaller militia barracks to the east. Colchester is wealthy, it is expanding outwards in all four directions but is no doubt riddled with the well documented Victorian social and economic contradictions. The building lying just to the west of the centre, with the largest text label is.....the Workhouse.

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