Ashford 1870

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 978-1-908914-34-7
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Ashford in 1870 is seen as a small Victorian market town not much larger than a modern village. Its agricultural function is represented by the Corn Exchange and Cattle Market at the south edge of the town. The industrial revolution, however has brought dramatic and significant developments primarily with the coming of the railway twenty eight years ago. The Southern Railway Company has centred its engineering and maintenance operation at the massive works at Aylesford Green. It has its own gasworks, school, Mechanics' Institute and workers' village of New Town complete with Post Office. Nearby South Ashford with its rows of terraced housing has all the appearances of working mens' dwellings The evidence of a direct footpath leading to the railway works is significant. Ashford has developed into two separate and distinctive entities but curiously joined by an outdoor Swimming Bath. It has, no doubt, a mixed and socially divided society but, comparatively for the period, reasonably stable and wealthy. It is significant that there is no evidence of a local Workhouse.

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