Morpeth 1859

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 1-903004-23-3
Size 500mm x 580mm
Uncoloured size 600mm x 695mm

Morpeth is shown as a small compact one street town despite its important role as one of the main county towns of Northumberland, evident by the two largest buildings sited on the map, the County Gaol ( now a leisure centre) and the County Lunatic Asylum (functioning still as a mental health hospital). The medieval pattern of the town is still clearly discernable with its ribbon development of dwellings backed with their long narrow self-sufficiency plots. Morpeth, despite its rustic, sylvan setting was not immune from the surrounding industrialisation and railway development. The infamous right angle bend of the Great North Railway is seen, deemed necessary at the time (and no doubt safer than today) to bring the line and the station as close to the town as possible, as well as two wagonways conveying coal to the main line from pits to the south.

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