Preston 1844

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 1-903004-76-4
Size 500mm x 572mm
Uncoloured size 600mm x 687mm

The town is shown at a most important point in its commercial and industrial development. The old core centred on Fishergate and Friargate, still surrounded by parkland and gardens, is being invaded by the cotton trade and several large mill complexes can be seen with their reservoirs and nearby workers' terraces. This burgeoning industry is clearly aided and fed by the canal and more so by the recently constructed railway with its large main station, warehouse and cotton store at the then southwest edge of town. Despite the industry and the inevitable social problems contained amid the closely set out terraces, the town still retains an open and pleasant air with the greater majority of the population living and working within a ten minute walk of open country and those gardens.

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