Henley-on-Thames 1879

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Heritage Cartography - Victorian Town and Village Maps

ISBN 1-903004-97-7
Size 560mm x 595mm
Uncoloured size 560mm x 595mm

Henley in 1879 is a town in transition from sleepy country market town to modern dormitory urban area. The arrival of the railway has opened the town to both industry and new housing development. The former is relatively varied with two breweries, an iron works, a gas works and a barge building yard. New housing is seen at the edge of the town at Hop Gardens and Oxford Villas. One surprising feature is the large workhouse next to Hop Gardens indicative of the perilous social and economic conditions for many in that period. Despite the obvious social divisions, the town displays a tight community sitting in a beautiful, as yet unspoilt, productive landscape.

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